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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 6: Add and Publish Catalogs

The final step in the initial vCloud Director deployment is creating a catalog where vApp templates and media files will be stored and made available to other organizations. Before the catalogs can be published, the catalog publishing must be enabled first. Enable Catalog Publishing Open the vCloud Director home URL and login with the administrator account. Click the Manage & Monitor button, next to Home. Select the organization, click the blue gear icon and click […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 5: Creating new Organization

Before we begin to create a new organization, let’s define what an Organization actually is within the vCloud Director environment. Organizations provide resources to a group of users and set policies that determine how users can consume those resources. Source: vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide Create an Organization Open the vCloud Director URL and login with the administrator account. Click Create a new Organization under the Quick Start section. Provide a name, full name and optionally […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 4: Creating a new Provider vDC

Before we begin, let’s define what a Provider vDC is. Provider virtual datacenter (vDC) combines the compute and memory resources of a single vCenter Server resource pool with the storage resources of one or more datastores connected to that resource pool. Source: vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide In other words, a Provider vDC is a collection of CPU, memory and storage resources from a vCenter Server that gives the vCloud Director the ability to manage, distribute […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 3: vCloud Director Configuration

Okay, the vCloud Director is up and running as installed in the previous post. Now it is time to start the initial configuration of vCloud Director. Initial Configuration Open a web browser, in my case Internet Explorer, and navigate to the vCloud Director URL. For example: https://<vCD_FQDN_or_IP>/cloud/ You will be presented with the VMware vCloud Director Setup wizard. Click Next to continue. Read the EULA, accept it and click Next. Enter a license key and […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 2: Installing vCloud Director Cell

As we now know what vCloud Suite is from part one of this series, we can now start preparing the environment for deployment of the vCloud Director. Before we can start with the installation, there are certain components that must be configured first. Prepare the Database Before you begin with vCloud Director Installation, you have to create a database with specific configuration. You can use Oracle or Microsoft SQL to do it. In this case, […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 1: Introduction

A few months ago I attended the VMware vCloud: Deploy and Manage the VMware Cloud v1.5 course but after the training I didn’t have any chance to put my knowledge into action until now. Recently I’ve got a question from one of our customers about vCloud Director features and possibilities so we have decided to create a proof of concept (POC) environment and let them explore this product to see if it offered the solution […]

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2013 Top VMware & Virtualization Blog voting results are in!

A few weeks ago Eric Siebert from started the annual voting for the best VMware & Virtualization blogs. This was the first time Default Reasoning was taking part of the voting. Today the results were published on and I’m happy to announce that Default Reasoning not ended as last! 🙂 In fact, Default Reasoning ended on the #206 position out of 243 other blogs. Also, I ended on #41 in the Favorite Independent Blogger category. I’m quite […]