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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 10: Add vCenter Chargeback Manager

So, the cloud environment is up and running. The organizations are created and vApps populated with virtual machines. The next question that arises is how to determine the resource utilization and how to calculate the costs for virtual machines that use resources in the cloud. The VMware vCloud Suite includes the vCenter Chargeback Manager which is suited for the job. Before we begin with the preparation, installation and configuration of vCenter Chargeback Manager, let’s first […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 9: Move VM to the Cloud

In the previous part we’ve deployed and configured all vCloud Connector components needed to move virtual machines to the cloud infrastructure. But there is one more thing that needs to be configured before a virtual machine can actually be moved from one environment to another and that is adding the vCloud Connector Nodes to the vCloud Connector UI. Please note that only the environments whose nodes are registered with the vCloud Connector Server will be […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 8: Add vCloud Connector

Before we begin let’s define what vCloud Connector actually is. vCloud Connector is an enterprise product that provides a single user interface for overseeing multiple public and private clouds and for transferring cloud content from one cloud to another. It allows you to connect multiple clouds, both internal and external, in a single user interface. Source: Installing and Configuring vCloud Connector The vCloud Connector consist of three components: vCloud Connector UI – This is a […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 7: Create New vApp

Now the vCloud Director is up and running, new vApps can be created and populated with VMs. Before we begin, let’s define what a vApp actually is. A vApp is a virtual system that contains one or more individual virtual machines, along with parameters that define operational details. Source: vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide So, let’s build a new vApp in the vCloud Director. Build new vApp Open the organization URL created earlier in a web […]


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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 6: Add and Publish Catalogs

The final step in the initial vCloud Director deployment is creating a catalog where vApp templates and media files will be stored and made available to other organizations. Before the catalogs can be published, the catalog publishing must be enabled first. Enable Catalog Publishing Open the vCloud Director home URL and login with the administrator account. Click the Manage & Monitor button, next to Home. Select the organization, click the blue gear icon and click […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 5: Creating new Organization

Before we begin to create a new organization, let’s define what an Organization actually is within the vCloud Director environment. Organizations provide resources to a group of users and set policies that determine how users can consume those resources. Source: vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide Create an Organization Open the vCloud Director URL and login with the administrator account. Click Create a new Organization under the Quick Start section. Provide a name, full name and optionally […]

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Building vCloud Suite POC – Part 4: Creating a new Provider vDC

Before we begin, let’s define what a Provider vDC is. Provider virtual datacenter (vDC) combines the compute and memory resources of a single vCenter Server resource pool with the storage resources of one or more datastores connected to that resource pool. Source: vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide In other words, a Provider vDC is a collection of CPU, memory and storage resources from a vCenter Server that gives the vCloud Director the ability to manage, distribute […]